NEW BOOK! Do You Have WHO It Takes? Available for Pre-Order

Posted by Sonja Gustafson on Jun 1, 2017 4:45:05 PM

do you have who it takesWe’re finally here! Steve Trautman’s new book will publish on June 6th—and you can pre-order copies today.

Be one of the first to get his newest ideas for helping organizations like yours get a handle on talent risk.


Why A Third Book?

Do You Have WHO It Takes? Managing Talent Risk in a High-Stakes Technical Workforce showcases Steve’s recent work in the new field of talent risk management. While many of you know Steve as the thought leader on knowledge transfer—having solved KT problems in blue-chip companies around the globe for decades—it turns out that having the best knowledge transfer process is only one piece of the talent risk management puzzle. The ability to assess, align, and mitigate talent risks on an ongoing basis for your entire enterprise is the larger imperative.

  As leaders, you need to be sure you will have enough of the right expertise and technical/professional capacity to meet your business goals—and you need to know what can wrong if you don’t. Even the best strategies can’t succeed without the right people—the developers, engineers, technicians, scientists, analysts and other experts—to execute them.

Through our firm's boots-on-the-ground consulting work, Steve found that giving organizations a better way to zero in on relevant talent data so they can talk about their risk and align on priorities is the greatest pain point we can remedy today.


With This New Book, You Will Get…

  • Unique and disruptive new ideas—even if you've been following Steve's work for years.
  • A clear understanding of the problem and why technical talent risk has been so difficult to solve.
  • A practical methodology for managing talent risk that is clear, concise, data-driven and proven.
  • Ways to get at the right talent data that you always wanted but never thought possible.
  • Four areas of alignment you need before mitigating your talent risk.
  • Modeled conversations for a new, better way to discuss talent risks up and down your org.
  • Case studies from Fortune 500s and 1000s.

Learn More

Order your copy now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or from your favorite indie bookseller. And please, forward this email to your friends and coworkers to share the news.







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Steve Trautman is corporate America’s leading knowledge transfer expert. With two decades of application inside blue chips and Fortune 1000s, his pioneering work in the field of knowledge transfer and related risk management tools are now the nationally-recognized gold standard. He is known for a high energy style that combines humor, street smarts, and board room wisdom.

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