Before It's Too Late - Using Emergency Knowledge Transfer to Manage Talent Risk

Posted by Steve Trautman on Oct 30, 2014 6:27:34 AM

We’ve detailed how to use Emergency Knowledge Transfer (EKT) to mitigate talent risks in previous posts. My knowledge transfer team recently helped a client facing the challenge of the unexpected resignation of a business-critical expert, and the story of how the EKT process unfolded is a lesson in management’s ability to achieve quick, clear, and measurable reduction of the risk of critical knowledge loss.

Our client, a global provider of automation and information solutions, had learned that one of their key employees was giving his 30-day notice.

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Emergency Knowledge Transfer (EKT) in Action: Avoiding a Common Pitfall

Posted by Todd on Jul 19, 2013 7:55:24 AM

I am a knowledge transfer consultant for The Steve Trautman Co. (STC) and I’ve been with the team for years. Steve asked me to write this guest blog post on a common trap that knowledge transfer clients can fall into: trying to modify our proven knowledge transfer process back into something familiar and comfortable rather than following the process that works.

I was recently facilitating an Emergency Knowledge Transfer (EKT) project for a financial services client. They have a retiring expert, Alex, with 30+ years of IT experience, who is exiting in 60 days.

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Topics: Emergency Knowledge Transfer (EKT), Best Practices, Aging Workers

What To Do When Critical Expertise is Departing--8 Steps for Emergency Knowledge Transfer

Posted by Steve Trautman on Jul 8, 2013 11:51:31 AM

Every organization has people with unique knowledge. These are the people who know the “secret sauce” of the business. And—when one of them suddenly announces their departure from your business—you need to capture their critical knowledge before it walks out the door. For these exiting workers you need emergency knowledge transfer.

My consulting team is working on an Emergency Knowledge Transfer (EKT) project right now for a client where a key employee, who has been doing his job for more than 20 years, has decided to take a buyout package and retire in 60 days. The client is very concerned, but in reality 60 days is a luxury today. Notice of a month is much more common.

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Topics: Peer Mentoring, Emergency Knowledge Transfer (EKT), Best Practices, Aging Workers

Retiring Workers Can and Will Take It with Them—5 Points toward an Action Plan

Posted by Steve Trautman on Jan 18, 2012 2:40:01 PM

Today’s aging workforce puts businesses at risk when employees retire (or leave for any reason) and their unique knowledge is lost from a company. How is a business to go about retaining that aging worker's knowledge before it’s too late? Here is a recent case from a Fortune 500 client that illustrates the problem and solution in brief:

This last week my team started a project with a major food products company. They have two scientists in their R & D team who’ve spent the bulk of their career synthesizing lipids. In layman’s terms, that means they are working on inventing and/or improving the next fat that can be used in the preparation of crackers, chips, biscuits, cookies, etc. Trans fats are out. There has been some success with synthetic fats but the Holy Grail is still out there: a low calorie, stable shelf life, nutritionally-sound fat with a high smoke point. These men are the team with the most experience on the topic—and they are just about ready to retire. Three successors have been identified. These replacements are smart, experienced in the company, and capable—and yet, to be blunt, they don’t even know what they don’t know about synthesizing lipids. The head of their research team invited us in to help develop a plan for transferring years of knowledge and work products into the heads and hands of the next generation.

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Topics: Peer Mentoring, Workforce Risk Management, Emergency Knowledge Transfer (EKT), Generational Gaps/Differences, Aging Workers

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