Why Competency Models Used for Talent Risk Management Are the Emperor’s New Clothes

Posted by Steve Trautman on Nov 11, 2016 1:22:30 PM

Yesterday, during the i4cp webinar on Managing Talent Risk, I commented that it is time for competency models to be replaced with more targeted talent risk data that directly drives business (think: money, time, and quality).  I have had several questions about my position on this subject so I am rerunning this blog post in case it is helpful.  I would love your comments on the topic.

Here’s a quick business story illustrating just why HR competency models are inadequate when used to manage talent and guide change within a job role:  

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Announcing Our 2015 Ebook Series!

Posted by Sonjag on Feb 4, 2015 12:05:06 PM

Independent research reveals that knowledge transfer or knowledge retention ranks in the top 10 most critical human capital issues for corporations across industries for the past three years and continues to be a major concern.* Respected research firm Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) says acting on your organization’s knowledge issues in 2015 is a “must do” for propelling productivity.

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IN THE NEWS - Research Supports (Pre)Testing's Impact on Learning and Knowledge Transfer

Posted by Steve Trautman on Sep 4, 2014 1:52:40 AM

Here is the closing line of this fascinating New York Times article on testing, “…But the emerging study of pretesting flips that logic on its head. 'Teaching to the test’ becomes ‘learning to understand the pretest,’ whichever one the teacher chooses to devise. The test, that is, becomes an introduction to what students should learn, rather than a final judgment on what they did not.”

Benedict Carey refers to research that supports a belief we at our knowledge transfer consulting firm have espoused for the last ten years

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For Those Who Missed It - Poll Results, Costs of Insufficient Knowledge Transfer, and More from Our December 12 Webinar

Posted by Steve Trautman on Dec 19, 2013 3:56:36 PM

If you’ve been following this blog you know that over the last few years we’ve added many new ideas and systems to our knowledge transfer work. We started with the Knowledge Transfer Workshop (KTW), then added the Skill Development Plan (SDP) and the Knowledge Silo Matrix (KSM), followed by pilot knowledge transfer implementations for teams within client organizations (see our KT case studies). We added change management support, manager training, and the development of internal process owners (KTPOs) so that our clients could take over from us and maintain their knowledge transfer systems over the long term. We developed scorecards to track progress and root out obstacles, and we introduced executive level metrics and dashboard reporting to show value and maintain momentum. Earlier this year we demonstrated how to connect knowledge transfer to an organization’s business strategy, a necessary step when rolling out knowledge transfer at the enterprise level. I summarized this strategic thinking in a blog series and in our Knowledge Transfer Strategy white paper. Most recently, I’ve been introducing into the knowledge transfer conversation metrics and clear ways to discuss the very real costs of having insufficient knowledge transfer at your organization.

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The 5-Minute Meeting Plan – A Tool for Busy Subject Matter Experts Who Transfer Knowledge

Posted by Steve Trautman on Sep 19, 2013 6:31:19 AM

Much of our work in the field of knowledge transfer is what my colleague Sherryl Christie calls “setting the stage.” We help our clients assess their workforce risk, figure out who holds critical knowledge that needs to be moved (we call this employee the “expert” or “peer mentor” in a knowledge silo), who needs to learn (we call these employees the “apprentices”), and then write plans to transfer the knowledge. These very important first steps wouldn’t matter much if we couldn’t then teach the experts to execute the knowledge transfer plans on the job. The big challenge with most experts is that they have so much experience, it is hard for them to know how to organize it into digestible chunks—the one hour sessions with their apprentices where the knowledge actually gets transferred. This is especially true because virtually every expert is already too busy to put much time into preparing to transfer their knowledge. That is why I developed a tool we at my knowledge transfer consulting firm called the 5-Minute Meeting Plan. It is fully explained in our Knowledge Transfer Workshop and in my book Teach What You Know: A Practical Leader’s Guide to Knowledge Transfer Using Peer Mentoring, but I can give you the basic concept here.

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The Top Traits of a Great Knowledge Transfer Internal Influencer -- and Resources To Help Them

Posted by Sonjag on Jun 6, 2013 11:51:54 AM

As the marketing director for The Steve Trautman Co., I am amazed at how hard some of our clients work to influence and bring good knowledge transfer programs into their organizations. These people create sophisticated PowerPoint presentations, arrange for colleagues and decision-makers to attend meetings, and generally champion the cause of preserving the "secret sauce" of their top talent. These people are invaluable partners to us and become knowledge transfer advocates within their companies because they were the first to find us, vet us, and come quickly up to speed on our 3-step Knowledge Transfer Solution.

We have learned that most of these "internal influencers" possess several key talents that contribute to their success:

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