By Sonja Gustafson July 19, 2018

Talent Risk Management in Manufacturing

Tips for Hiring, Onboarding & Knowledge Transfer

Posted by Sonja Gustafson on Jul 19, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Steve Trautman was recently interviewed by Acuity Insurance’s manufacturing guru, Michael S., for a series of blog posts on hiring, onboarding new employees, and knowledge transfer.

Acuity insures more than 100,000 businesses including many manufactures that are seeking new ways to attract and engage young workers and build bridges between retiring expertsand up-and-coming team members. Steve was introduced to Acuity through the Northeast Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance when he spoke at one of their annual events in March.You can read all of Steve’s posts on Michael’s blog

Share Your Manufacturing Story

If you work in manufacturing (or know someone who does), check out Acuity’s Celebrate Manufacturing Video Contest. Entries are accepted from July 9 through August 15, 2018. Videos should be under one minute in length and answer the question: ““Why are you proud to be part of the manufacturing industry?”

Topics: Talent Risk Management, knowledge transfer

Sonja Gustafson

Sonja Gustafson

Sonja is a marketing veteran of over 25 years dating back to the “go-go” days at Microsoft. She was deeply involved in creating and opening up the new markets of multimedia software, including Microsoft Encarta, Microsoft Bookshelf, and Multimedia Beethoven. She then moved on to help bring the first version of the Microsoft’s corporate intranet, MSWeb, and managed a team of crack researchers who did then what Google does now: find answers. Then there were the “other go-go” days of mommyhood where new dreams were inspired and journeys launched within two fabulous children. In 2011 Sonja joined The Steve Trautman Co. as Marketing Director, and continues her drive in helping businesses manage talent risk so that their workforce is ready to roll.

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