By Sonja Gustafson November 25, 2013

The Steve Trautman Co. and Career Partners International Announce Strategic Partnership

Bringing 3-Step Knowledge Transfer to More Organizations

Posted by Sonja Gustafson on Nov 25, 2013 1:35:44 PM

CPI logoWe at The Steve Trautman Co., pioneers and experts in knowledge transfer, are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Career Partners International, a leading global provider of high-quality talent management solutions. Through the partnership, Career Partners International—via their more than 200 offices worldwide—will bring organizations our recognized gold standard in knowledge transfer solutions. Our 3-step knowledge transfer process helps organizations to assess talent risks, internally share knowledge, and reduce the loss of talent and expertise. Our practical framework is proven to retain and cross-train more than 90% of a company’s unique knowledge while cutting the ramp-up time to productivity of new hires by 50%.

We are very excited by the new opportunities this association makes possible. For more information, see our press release.

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Sonja Gustafson

Sonja Gustafson

Sonja is a marketing veteran of over 25 years dating back to the “go-go” days at Microsoft. She was deeply involved in creating and opening up the new markets of multimedia software, including Microsoft Encarta, Microsoft Bookshelf, and Multimedia Beethoven. She then moved on to help bring the first version of the Microsoft’s corporate intranet, MSWeb, and managed a team of crack researchers who did then what Google does now: find answers. Then there were the “other go-go” days of mommyhood where new dreams were inspired and journeys launched within two fabulous children. In 2011 Sonja joined The Steve Trautman Co. as Marketing Director, and continues her drive in helping businesses manage talent risk so that their workforce is ready to roll.

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