By Steve Trautman October 11, 2018

Your Top Expert Just Gave Notice

What's Your Succession Plan?

Posted by Steve Trautman on Oct 11, 2018 1:56:25 PM

This story begins with a CIO in full-blown panic. Luis, a chief software architect was the CIO’s go-to guy for feature development and product roadmapping at a global IT solutions company in Cleveland. He was the product’s architect, champion and shepherd. And, like so many experts in key roles, he held the product vision in his head, out of reach of colleagues. Luis loved his job and had no intention of leaving, so documentation and mentoring was routinely pushed aside in favor of development work.

Then, all hell broke loose. A too-good-to-be-true offer from a Silicon Valley titan landed in Luis’ lap and he simply had to take it. Everything Luis knew about the product—past and future—had to be transferred out of his head and shared with key people on his team. And, there were only 41 available hours to make it all happen.

This is a common challenge in today's competitive job market. Find out what happened by reading the full story in the Heller Report. I've been a fan of Martha Heller's work for a long time and was very pleased to contribute to her publication this month. 

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Steve Trautman

Steve Trautman

Steve Trautman is corporate America’s leading talent risk management and knowledge transfer expert. With two decades of application inside blue chips and Fortune 1000s, his pioneering work in the field of talent risk management and related knowledge transfer tools are now the nationally-recognized gold standard. His clients have included Boeing, Costco, Goodyear, Aetna, Farmers Life Insurance, Bank of America, Microsoft, and Qualcomm, among others.

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